Public Media

 September 19-21, 2014

Academics worry the surrogacy law lagging behind technology, involving all parties in drafting

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC), IPSR, the Healthy Sexuality Program,  Sexuality Studies Association, the Women’s Health Advocacy Foundation and the Teeranat Foundation organized the forum on “Surrogacy Law: Reproductive Health Technology and Gender Equity“.  Asst. Prof. Suchada Thaweesit, Chair of the Sexuality Studies Association, said in the forum that there should not be commercial surrogacy or denial of same-sex spouses, but appropriate screening measures of those eligible to be parents and adoption contract. The surrogate mothers should be entitled equal human rights. Assoc. Prof. Kritaya Archavanitkul also viewed that there should be a law that cover surrogacy and that women’s reproductive health should be addressed. Concerned organizations should not lag behind technologies in order to enact good law.